Valmiki Pratibha : A First Musical Drama by Rabindranath Tagore

 Valmiki Pratibha

A First Musical Drama written by Rabindranath Tagore with a large variety of musical intonation and fragrance of Rabindra sangeet is called Valmiki Paratibha. It was the firstly written in 1880 and drama performed at Jorasako in February 1881. Rabindranath Tagore himself take an initiative to perform in this play as the leading actor – Valmika. He was just 19 years when he wrote this Musical Drama.  The play is blended with music dialogues, melody of raga crowned with emotions and aesthetics, and the proper rhythmic structure to convey the timing of the dialogues. In this play Gurudev replicated the story of Daku Ratnakar and his transformation of becoming the Sage Valmiki. The social message of the play is, worst man like Daku Ratnakar can transform to a kind Sage because of the inspiration and the worship so whoever are worrying about the negative side of their life can create a positive life if they wish to alter and mold himself/ herself and faith on god. The Drama also reflect the contemporary scenario of Bengal during 19th century.  It is a kind of Social message to the people that how a worst man become Valmiki with determination and faith with a small inspiration from the Widow and couple of Birds.  

Characters in Valmiki Pratibha

Daku Ratnakar (later Valmiki)

Fellow Dakus


Dove Couple


Goddess Kali, Saraswati and Laxmi

Summary of the Play

      Daku Ratnakar with His friends was wandering in the Jungle. His basic motive is to loot and rob the landlords and the citizens. He is also the great worshiper of Kali so one day he offer Bali to Maa kali and told his daku friends to bring a human for the same. The Fellows daku find a widow, a helpless woman and caught her forcefully for the Bali.

      One day Daku Ratnakar saw a Hunter killing a birds while his exile in jungle. The Bird hunted was one from the couple so the survivor birds was crying in search of her partner. She was in deep misery and died in sorrow of her partner. Seeing this all in front of him and remember the words of widow he determine not to continue the worst way and walked Meditation of goddess Saraswati.  

      Daku Ratnakar let her go after seeing her sorrow and misery. That changes his mind and he leave all the robbery and went for meditation and worship of goddess Saraswati and one day he blessed with her


A robber, looter, Daku Ratnakar changes his life and become the most prestigious Sage Valmiki with inspiration from the sorrow that he had faced during the Bali and bird hunting. This play is a replication of Ramayan story but Gurudev has connect this story with contemporary situation of Bengal. It was a social message that if you wish to convert yourself from worst to best than you have to determine and trust on yourself as well faith on almighty.  It is a story basically confined with a concept of transforming from Robber to Sage. A social message to become a good human with novelty is the main theme of the Play.

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