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Reeyaz Techinque of Banaras Gharana

The Gharana system in Indian Classical Music signify a unique style of singing and articulation of vocal technique that drives towards individual and solitary in reeyaz, performance and teaching-learning process of Raga. Among the large community of Gharana of Hindustani Music, Banaras Gharana is one of the prominent Gharana that has established in all four forms of classical music. 

Banaras Gharna is widely recognised as gharana of Tabla, a legacy of Pt. Ram Sahaya where maestro like Pt. Bhairav Sahahi, Pt.Kanthe Maharaj, Pt. Gudai Maharaj, Pt Anokhelal,  Pt. Kishan Mahartaj, Pt. Sharda Shahaye, Pt. Lachhu maharaj, Pt. Kumar Bose were born and established as  international framed artist. 

 In Kathak dance too, Banaras Gharana is one among the four style, a legacy of Janki Prasad , where numerous well established were flourished. Sitara Devi, Shovna Narayan, Aashiq Hussain Khan, Tara Choudhary etc. were notable artist. Pt. Birju maharaj also represent the legacy of Banaras Gharna. 

In Dhrupad and Khyal, the heritage of Banaras gharana was supposed to established since from the ancient time because Kashi- Banaras is a religious heritage and a place for Moksha( self- realisation, freedom from sin & ignorance). Thus the connection of classical music and religious- spiritual aspect can be traces in Banaras since from the Vedic period.  Karma - Moksha are the part of life and it is believed that once in a life a Hindu need to reach Kashi, bath Ganaga and worship Baba Vishwanath that his/her life will get rid of all the sin and proceed towards the heaven.  

With help of old manuscript of  Nepal Darbar found in Archaeological department, Kathmandu, Manuscripts of Calcutta Darbar, available in Bang Sahitya Parishad, Kolkata, and other reference like Stone Inscription, Books, 

Sehanai Maestro Ustad Bismillah Khan and his legacy,  

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