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Raga Durga


Raga Durga

          Raag Durga is a pentatonic scale that has five notes in both Aroha and Avroha. All the Swar in Raga Durga are Suddha, and Gandhar-Nishad is Strictly Prohibited in Aroha and Avroha; Thus the Jati or Rag in Audav-Audav. It is classified under the Bilawal Thaat in contemporary Indian Classical Music. Singing time of Raag Durga in the second phase of Night where Vadi Swar is considered as Madhyam and Samvadi in Shadaj. This raga is considered a basic raga and teachers to beginners. It is one of the popular Raga and the choice of the most artist in the concerts of Indian Classical Music. Nyasa Swar of this raga in Shadaj, Madhyan and Dhaivat. The raga glorifies in all three-octave resembling the Bhakti Rasa and Veer Rasa.

          Raag Durga is created under five notes, Sa, Re Ma Pa, Dha Sa in Aroha, and Sa Dha Pa Ma Re Sa in Avroha. It is one of the popular Raga in Indian Classical Music. Dhrupad, Dhamar, Khyal, Bhajan Geet-Gazal is recited and performed Raga Durga that why it is regarded as one of the popular raga and choice of musicians. Semi-Classical forms like thumri Dadra are quite uncommon in this Raga and less in practice. Raga Suddha Sawari of Carnatic music is most similar to Durga of North Indian Classical Music. The Samprakrtik(Similar Character )Raga to Durga in Hindustani Music is Jaldhar Kedar and Suddha Malhar. The Ascent and Descent of Raga Durga is as follows:-

Aroha         :        Sa Re Ma, Pa Dha, Sa

Avroha       :        Sa Dha, Pa Ma, Re Sa

Pakad         :        Ma Ma Re Sa, Re Ma Pa Dha, Sa


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