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Technique of Reeyaz for Playback Singing

 Playback singing is a high competency and a challenging career where one needs to prove his/her best in term of industry needs. Singing behind the scene for onscreen artist is always a tough job because you voice plays great role to visualised the scene and onscreen romance/humour/ tragedy and much more. Playback singer are chosen on the basic of few qualities mapping with the on screen artist but to sustain on the industry one need to have good vocal and versatility. The vocal technique and versatility can only be achieved by means of good reeyaz and guidance of Guru. 
Here, we are going to discuss on few important attributes and technique of reeyaz that can help in playback singing. as we knows, to be a quality singer one needs to have some vocal attributes i.e. Pitch perfection, three octave vocal range, perfection on rhythm and tempo, diction and clear pronunciation, aesthetical expression of lyrics, good combination of mood and melody, art of synchronisation of vocal with track, knowledge of sound and studio technique and many others. To achieve these all one fundamental attribute need to learn and practice i.e vocal accuracy and pitch perfection . It can can be learned only from the right practice- sadhana, reeyaz. here are few technique of vocal practice especially for light music singing. 
1. practice of Sapat in Bilawal and Asawari thaat with low pressure voice because if you force than the vocal chord may be harsh and it will be hard to sing mukriya and nuances of light singing. 
2. Avoid the reeyaz of gamak instead practice murkiya with soft voice . the best combination of murki for light singing in rotation of voice . NSRS notes bundle practice for half an hour can enhance murkiya and flexibility of voice. NSRS can be practice in different way, the cycle can be stared as NSRS, RSNS, SNSR, SRSN with combination komal and and suddha swar. It can be practice in Bhairavi Thaat, Asawari That, Bhairav Thaat, Bilawal Thaat. The Reeyaz of these four notes can be done in first speed, second speed and fourth speed i.e. slow medium and fast tempo.

3.  Similarly, the notes NSRS, SRGR, RGMG, GMPM, MPDP, PDND, DNSN, NSRS. can be practice in swar and aakar in slow , medium and fast tempo. Please take care of low vocal pressure or natural singing during the reeyaz time and always establish swar before increasing the tempo and aakar practices. 

4. The palte of three notes and four notes can be for crucial specially the ascend and descend of these palte in both sargam and aakar. The notes can be SRG,RGM, GMP, MPD,PDN,DNS, SND, NDP, DPM,PMG,MGR, GRS or the combination of four SRGM RGMP, GMPD........!

5. Simple palte but with clear and natural voice can enhance pitch accuracy. Try to sing as natural as you can and use eternal/navel voice rather than singing from upper chest.  

6.One more technique of breathing exercise with standing notes for at least 30-40 second can be crucial for long breathe which can help in playback singing.  

7. If you wish to be playback singer than just reeyaz in medium tempo with accurate pitch because taan are not the part of playback singing. 

8. To improve long interval notes and jumping notes practice simply zigzag notes in medium tempo or choose one Raga fro example Raga Yeman, Practcie Shampurna- Shampurna aroh-avaroh Sapat, than Shadav shampurna aroh - avaroh gradually leaving on notes at one time . similary Sampurna- Shadav practice of in similar way. Practice Audav- Sampurna, Sampurna- Audav leaving any two notes simultaneously, than Shadav- Shadav practcie Shadav- Audav, Audav-Shadav and Finally Audav- Audav practice of each notes can enhance pitch and scale perfection. These kind of practcie can be done in multiple Raga/Thaat but gradually and in limited speed and can increase as per the proficiency of singing. 

9. Recital of Literature, Poem can be crucial in improving pronunciation and diction so habit of reading and reciting the literature can be done as a part of reeyaz  because lyrics plays a great role in playback singing. 

10. Last but not the least, expression and art of aesthetics can improve by understanding the lyrical meaning and realise the actual emotion of the lyrics. Aesthetic is on of the big challenge what all playback singer have to face because they have to sing as per the scene of on screen artist so adapting the others feeling and transforming into the situation can make you good singer. 

These are the few among many techniques that can help and improve singing and may be helpful if somebody wish to target playback singing. 

A small initiative in class music .. please listen and provide feedback, like and share if found satisfactory .


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