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Voice Culture - An Art to Sing Hindustani Vocal Music- Part -1


Voice Culture 

Voice Culture is the process or the training of cultivating voice in order to design a flexible and effective singing. It is the methodology that drives to control the voice as per the aesthetics and the emotions of the human. Voice culture is term mostly used in singing and must to learn by the singer/ vocalist in order to produce and effective singing. 

Apart from Singing, voice culture is also the part of drama and theatre, Acting, Film and Television acting, Public Speaking, narration of story, poem, novel and many more. It is one of the substantial part while rendering the mythological tales and stories like , Ramayan, Mahabharata, Purna, Bhagwat Geeta and many other religious text like rendering the Aayat of Quran, Verses of Bible and chanting in Buddhism. 

Voice culture is one of the essential part of Indian Classical Music where singer produce different vocal dynamics as per the literature, its emotion and the aesthetics of the Raga. In Hindustani Music, the vocal dynamics of Khyal singing is different then Dhrupad and Dhamar Singing, tonality of Thumri and Dadra recital is different than other classical form Dhrupad and Khyal so the articulation of singing in different form of Hindustani Classical music is more or less depends on the voice culture of the artist. The Gharna of North Indian Singing styles are also differentiated in term of vocal dynamics- called Kaku -called as Voice Culture. 

The Vocal dynamics what Dhrupad Singer use to sing is a kind of articulation that one should learn properly from the Guru. It is a proper training process where Guru teaches practically to the disciple, how to practic- reeyaz musical notes essential in Dhrupad Singing. The reeyaz technique of Dagar Vani is different than the Nauhar Vani than the Khandar Vani than Gauhar Vani. Similarly in Khyal tradition, The Voice technique of Gwalior Gharna is totally different than the Banaras Gharana , Agara ois different than Patiala and Rampur is different than Jaipiur Gharana. It can be said that each and every Gharna, even an individual of the same gharna has a unique voice technique as per his/ her grooming. ..

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