The entire global scenario of education is changed and shifted to the virtual mode due to the Covid-19 pandemic, lockdown, and physical distancing. It was just in a click without any preplanning, without any appropriate infrastructure and technical balancing, the classroom was structured in application mode where music and other practical oriented courses faces lots of difficulties in providing quality education to the students

The objective of the Research

To examine the usefulness of E- Learning classes

To evaluate the technique and infrastructure during online classes

To observe the learning friendly platform

To know the effectiveness of online classes

Few Sample Questions

Is Online music classes helpful to you? If Yes/No…  How and why?

Are the study material understandable?

Is the infrastructure appropriate to learn?

Which device you are using for class

Internet connectivity

Post class Riyaz

Are Videos during class helpful in learning..?


Global reach in a single click

Best in One on the module but less effective in mass learning

Online Class  mode is not compatible with music education

Practical demonstration with elaborative singing cannot be possible

Students are less interested in Online classes

Infrastructure is so poor in virtual education on both side

Internet connection and electricity is the worst

Reverse feedback



    As per the online survey and the experience, the virtual mode of teaching music is not so much deliberated as physical appearance classes. It is not effective and so meaningful for beginners because they are not aware of proper ear tuning and the commendable voice perfection in any scale or the notes of Raga. Musical nurture is only possible with one on one learning but it might affect but still can guide the students in theatrical part and the technique of practice if the learner is in advanced classes.

      The advanced level class can achieve 40-60 percent goal in practical aspect only with one on one learning in virtual mode. But the quality may decrease by adding the number of students either in theory or in practical classes. Thus E-learning and teaching are only formalities with no outcomes for the beginners and can be helpful to guide the students of advanced level in both theory and practical. It is nothing than the virtual blur if the students are left behind in virtual modules for teaching music in colleges and Universities. It might create a long-term impact and deteriorate the quality and real essence of learning Music and also drive us to the non-aesthetical world.


The full paper is published Scopus Journal 

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