Raag Asawari -Minor scale Raga


 Raga Asawari

    Raag Asawari is the fundamental Raga classified under the Asavari Thaat,  one among the ten Thaat of North Indian Classical music.  Aasawari Thaat is formed with the combination of the notes Ga, Dha and Ni are komalFlat)and the rest of the notes are suddh (natural) both in ascent and descent.  In Aroah, Gandhar, and Nishad notes are not permitted and Avaroah is Sampurna and all the Swars are being used in a systematic format to create a  melody of Raga. Dhaivat is considered as the Vadi Swar of the raga and Gandhar is Samvadi Swar. The singing time of Raga Asawari is determined as the second phase of the day between 9am to 12pm. Jati of Raga Asawari in Audhav-sampurna.  Nyas Swar of Raga Asawari is Shadaj, Gandhar, Pancham, and Dhaivat as per the grammatic sequence of the Raga. 

          Raag Aasawari is one of the beautiful melodies among the Ragas of Hindustani Classical music. The note combination of this raga is not so difficult that's why beginners can learn easily. The scale of Asawari is similar to the minor scale of  Diatonic Chord progression in Western Music. There are two different forms of Asawari that are popular in Indian Music, Asawari and Komal Asawari. In Komal Asawari Rishiv is Komal and all the format is similar to Asawari. Sometimes Asawari is also called Shuddha Asawari and Komal Asawari is called as Komal Rishav Asawari. Asawari is not only the Raga but also the Ragangin Indian Classical Music. Various Ragas are formed with the mixture or the combination of few phrases of Asawari in other Ragangs. Re ma Pa dha, ma Pa ga Re Sa, ma Pa dha ma Pa dha ma Pa ga dha ni dha ma ga Re, ma Pa dha dha Sa Re ni dha, etc. are the main phase of this raga. Dev Gandhar, Gandhari, Bilaskhani Todi, Badhuritodi, Jaunpuri are among the few where Asawari Ang is used to forming a new raga.

Aroah         :        Sa Re ma Pa dha Sa

Avroah:                Sa ni dha, Pa , Ma ga Re Sa

Pakad         :        Re ma Pa dha, ma Pa dha ma Pa ga Re Sa


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