Raga Bhairav: A Foundation of Hindustani Vocal Music


Raga Bhairav

          The morning Raga Bhairav is a prominent raga in Hindustani Classical Music. It is considered as the very first raga to the beginners of Indian Classical Music. Raga Bhairav is classified under the Thaat Bhairav. The Thaat Bhriav is named because of Raga Bhairav by the great musicologist Pandit Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande. Rishav and Dhaivat are Komal (Flat) in Raga Bhriav and the rest of the notes are suddha(Natural).  Dhaivat in the Vadi of Raga and Rishav is regarded as the Samvadi Note of the Raga. Sometimes Komal Nishad is used as Vivadi (Virant Note) in Avaroha in between Dhaivat, Sa Ni Dha Pa Dha ni Dha. All  seven notes are used in both Aroha and Avaroha so the Jati of the Raga Bhairav is Sampurna-Sampurna. Dhaivat in Uttrang and Rishav in Purbang is the main note with special Andolan (vibration) while moving to Pancham and Shadaj simultaneously. Rishav, Madhyam, and Dhaivat are Nyas or the sustain notes where musicians hold the notes and improvise while in the process of singing. Singing time of this Raga in the first phase of the morning. Raga Bhairav is also known as adjoining raga of the morning calling SandhiPrakash raga- i.e connecting the morning with the down, the vanishing night,
and the rising sun. 

          Bhairav is a stable Raga and is considered the oldest one in Hindustani Classical Music. The nature of the raga is profound with the characteristic of seriousness and depth. It is not only the sole Raga but also the Ragang used in various Ragas to create a newer form of Raga. There are many Raga having Bhairavaang. Raga Ahir-Bhairav, Anand-Bhairav, Nat-Bhairav, Ramkali, Vairagi are a few among the many Ragas in Hindustani Classical Music.  Sa Re Sa, Ga Re Re, Ga Ma Re-- Sa, Ga Ma Dha - - Pa, Dha - Pa Dha Ma Pa Ga Ma Re -- Sa is the most commonly used pattern in Raga where Bhairavaang is adopted.

Aroha         :        Sa Re Ga Ma, Pa Dha Ni Sa

Avaroha      :        Sa Ni Dha Pa Ma Ga Re Sa

Pakad         :        Ga Ma Dha -- Pa, Ga Ma Re-- Sa..

Note: Kindy learns properly under the guidance of Guru/ Teacher so that you may understand the correct note combination and proper vocal intonation in Raga Bhairav.  


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