Indian Classical Music in Pre-Vedic Period


Pre-Vedic Period

        The Mythical and weird stories that have been heard about the fundamental concept regarding the origin of the music are only fictional or might have some realism, nobody knows the truth. We all are in a process of accepting these fictional or mythical stories and believed that origin of music may have a strong connection with the almighty God- Lord Shiva or Prophet Mohammad or Christ or any of the supreme personalities of each and individual religion. We have never thought about universal acceptance and its evolution like the other things that happened in the phenomenon of nature. 

    The people in the Middle East believed that music is the supreme gift of Prophet Mohammad who discovers the concept of seven Swar while walking in the desert. South-Asian and Indian Philosophy said that music is the divine source gifted to humans by Lord Shiva to Goddess Saraswati to Saga Narada to Folks on Earth. Christians have their own philosophy regarding the origin of music and mankind whereas Jainism, Buddhism, and other sacred religions observed in the various regions have Independent thoughts and beliefs regarding the formation of music and melody. Each of the religious beliefs believed that their supreme almighty God has created Music. However, the contradiction among the people around the world regarding the origin of music makes no sense but only the sectarian and religious zealot. In between these all, one more pathway has been observers, the theory of evolution might have a real connection in the context of origin and development of Music. 

    Apart from Mythical or religious belief, the fundamental perception that has been discovered by science that man was a close relative of chimpanzee species, gradually developed to shape the modern form.  From Unicellural organisms to various species have traveled millions of years to form reptiles, amphibians to mammals. Thus in the process,  nature has taught the creature to birth, live, and die. Moreover, human has learned to cultivate a civilization, speak and in the process, they also learn to sing or play something that sounds musical. Have you ever noticed, music is the part of nature where you can hear the wind is whispering, the trees are dancing, Rivers, Waterfalls are singing, clouds and the rain are accompanying the natural with the rhythmic cycle of up and down, whispering of birds are like the chorus singing, the roar of tiger, mesmerizing vocal of Nightengale, Elephant, Horse and many more species blended with the fragrance of nature please the entire surround that can realize as the eternal power of mother earth. From the inspiration of these all mesmerizing happening around, humans also have learned to mutter. Thus music emerges with the gradual development of mankind.

 Primitive music history has much more to discover and much more to unfold as it evolved through countless processes from generation to generation. In the pre-history period music was supposed to be associated with Human Living and day-to-day essentialities related in order maintain the rituals or the part and partial of entertainment. It has been noticed with inscriptions and archaeological excavation, primitive humans were mainly confined with hunting and later engaged with agriculture gathering for food. Their joyfulness, faith, and gladness in life got expressed through music and dance. It was their regular practice because they do live in caves, forests,s or the hill hills, and they do speak and sang songs with louder voices to entertain themselves and also to notify the other species about their presence. The gathering and monotonous tonality slowly convert to musical tones with particular ascent and descent. The innovative and creative concept that human has added to the melodies of primitive era music later form a piece of systematic rejoicing music. It is believed the people in pre-Vedic used to sing a song in one or two notes, higher for joy and lower for sorrow. Clapping of hands is one of the most common characteristics found in primitive humans to express joy too. 

    The Primitive people sang or danced when they felt something positive to express and enjoy. Singing and dancing were, therefore, the spontaneous outbursts of their common thoughts. Moments of hands, limbs, and uses of leather-wrapped wooden and stone instruments are the accompaniment during the expression of emotion through song. Perhaps they have learned to make musical instruments from the skin of animals or the fiber of the palm leaves and the grasses. They might have made the drums out of wood and covered the mouth with the skin of animals. Man and Music in the Prevedic era were extemporaneous and naturally evolves with the needs and necessities of mankind.

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