A Career in Music and Performing Arts

A career in Performing Arts (Music)


Undoubtedly, music is such universal media that has the power to transcend all geographical boundaries. Surely, it soothes emotions and can express inner feelings. There is rarely anyone among us who is not touched by music in some way or the other.

As we know that music education is not only the subject of performance but also has various approaches to human life. It is emerging as a new subject of social and cultural behavior of human being throughout the globe. It has various streams to go further and study in-depth, with lots of possibilities in the present scenario. Besides academic education, it has also a lot of potential in the modern world relating to the Music Industry, Films, Recording, and Broadcasting, and also applied with Music Therapy, Psychology, and various other subjects. Department of Performing is fully dedicated to the academic course for the substantial development of Music Education, Performance, and Research and Music Production in the field of music through elaborative knowledge with various professional and Talented Faculties. Here students are benefited from an academic course of Indian Classical Music as well as Performance-based on Raga- Ragini, Semi-Classical Music, and other Modern Musical forms. The Department as well provides enthusiastic knowledge in Sound Designing and Studio Techniques in Music Production. The Department of Performing Arts also organizes Music Symposiums, Seminars, Workshops, Guest Lectures, and various other performance-based programs to enhance the knowledge in Music Performance and other relative fields in Music Education. Apart from the daily classroom practice, LPU also provides extensive knowledge of the Music Industry through a few field visit programs and interactive sessions with well-established Singers and Musicians.

The Department of Performing Arts, Lovely Professional University is also well focused on the career pathway of the students in various aspects.  For a career in music, talent, sincerity, and willingness to work hard are must be deserved and essential gateway with zeal for regular practice.

A career in Music:-

Career opportunities are plenty in this field just as there are a plethora of music forms like Classical, Folk, Jazz, Pop, Fusion, etc. Besides becoming a performer (vocal or instrumental) or a teacher, one can opt for roles ranging from a Composer/Song Writer, Music Publisher, Music Journalist, Disc Jockeys/ Video Jockeys to Music Therapist and Artist manager. Today with the advent of the Internet, YouTube, and various web-based platforms coupled with the growing popularity of the Music Channels and corporate sponsorship of musical events, has all created music a huge industry with immense potential. Apart from these web-based platforms, Satellites Television also creates a global market in Music Industry. Various Music Channels, FM, and Radio are also potential platforms for a career in Music.


Music is diverse and multiple wing subject that students can choose the career as per their efficiency and interest with relevant to their musical exploration and extensive knowledge in various aspects of practical and theoretical understanding in Music Education. To become a Playback Singer and Musician one should focus on Riyaz and Performance-based practice which could enhance the musical career as a Performing Artist. Apart from performance, students also can explore their career as a Music Composer in Film Industry or the Web Series, or other popular Television Serials. There is also a wide scope in background scoring for the Web Series, Tele-Films, Short Films, and Music Composer for Jingles and Advertise under the many productions and advertising houses. The students can also prepare for a reality show-based career for the TV shows like Indian Idol, SaReGaMaPa, Rising Star, The Voice, and many other national and state-based reality shows. There is always a wide scope in making your own Band and establishing yourself as a popular singer is also the best profession with highly regarded dignity in the field of Performing Arts.


A student independently can choose a career as a researcher even after higher studies in Music. Musicology and Ethnomusicology is the vast area of research having huge potential in the global market. Music Critics, Creative writers, bloggers, Book writers, and Music columnists are a few new areas where a music student can find his/her career as per his passion and interest. Research in Foreign Universities with a worthy Fellowship can boost your profession as a highly regarded academician and researcher in Music. The applied music sector is one of the emerging subjects that music students can explore with various potential and could achieve a career as a Music Therapist and Counselor. There are broad areas to enrich yourself and establish a versatile personality in the field relating to Music and Tourism, Music and Culture, Music and Psychology, Music and Sociology, Music and Linguistics, Music and Religious Study, and many more.


Apart from professional career, music students can also choose the academic and teaching career having handsome salary package in both Government and Private Academic institutions. Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan and Navodaya Vidyalaya Sangathan under Central Government recruit PRT, TGT and PGT graded Music Teachers in almost every academic year, so students after Graduation and Post-Graduation can choose the career in such novel field of education Sector.   Army Public School, Delhi Subordinate Service Selection Board, and various state-level recruitment of music teacher job are announced from time to time that students can choose their profession as per their interest. Music is also a keen subject in Schools under CBSE and ICSE board so the students can approach Music teachers in such Institutions. There are various schools with high brand value paying excellent salary packages in such creative arts.


After Post Graduation and UGC-NET, a wide scope of academic acceleration can be achieved, and can choose a career as Assistant Professor, a highly distinguished post in Government as well as Private Universities in India. These posts are fulfilled almost on the basis of written tests and interviews with qualifying few competitive exam variables from university to university. Moreover, there are few other Institutions where music students can approach a new career as an Artist. Ministry of Culture, ICCR, All Indian Radio, Doordarshan, Sangeet Natak Academy are also recruiting Musicians and Singer for the various programs designed by the government.


With diverse scope and opportunities, Music education in the Department of Performing Arts, Lovely Professional University, creates the immense prospect of learning through the various aspects of musical extravaganza and new approaches which creates multiple career pathways in the field of Performing Arts. Versatility and innovative Music Education, performance, and career-oriented education with highly talented Faculties is the basic motto of the Department of Performing Arts, Lovely Professional University.

Dr. Kumar Sargam 


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